About Us


Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for Cambodian Americans in the Bay Area and promote community development.


Cambodian refugees suffered tremendously after the escaping the Khmer Rouge genocide. They arrived in the United States, emotionally scarred and without tools to navigate their new culture and access resources to meet their basic needs, such as housing and healthcare.  In 1997, CCDI Board President Sambo Ly and a group of Cambodian community activists met to hold a fundraiser to create an organization to assist Cambodian refugees living in the Bay Area. In one night, the group rolled five thousand eggrolls and sold them on the street, in schools, and in their workplaces. They used the proceeds to create Cambodian Community Development Inc, (CCDI) a grassroots volunteer-based organization.  Over the years, we have developed many programs and services to address the needs of the community.  Though CCDI has evolved, we retain the same grass roots, community spirit that brought us together in the first place.



My community gives me hope.
Nette You, Executive Director

I just got a new idea. Let’s talk.
Talaya Sin, Director of Programs and Development

I do ceramics, paint, draw, all kinds of art.
Thary Long, Program Assistant

Talaya said, “Julie is a big fish in small pond”.
Julie Tea, Project Coordinator

My community gives me hope.
Rhona Yee, Assistant Director of Development

I’m not just a dancer, I’m a great dancer!
Raymond Sin, Outreach Assistant

I started composing music when I was 12 years old.
Ratana Jim, Outreach Assistant

Talaya said, “Julie is a big fish in small pond”.
—Heng Nhuong, Outreach Assistant

Board Members


Sambo Ly-President
Vannary Om-Vice President
Mour Ley-Secretary
Leang Armstrong-Treasurer
Sidney Phear Or
Preng Thach
Chansothearum Lopez
Siphan Som
Vinita Kylin


Brenden Leung
Dawn Hawk
Ben Hamamoto